York House

York House is a fine 17th century building with a fascinating history, set in beautiful grounds on the banks of the Thames.

KTU was commissioned, on behalf of the Richmond Council, to carry out the restoration of various furniture one of which was an Edwardian oak credenza with an Arbescato marble top.

As the credenza was stored in damp conditions it had suffered severe rot, moulding and other damage. After it was transported to our workshop, the frame was dismantled so that it can be thoroughly cleaned and the old glue removed. Once this was completed, the frame was re-assembled and the credenza went through a meticulous restoration process.

The Arbescato marble top also required much attention, which involved chemical treatment to eliminate any stains caused by wear; holes and cracks were filled with resin; and the re-surface and removal of any scratches and marks took place. Finally it was polished to the desired sheen.

The credenza went through various stages of restoration and now it stands proudly in its former glory.

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